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A case report and literature review of a dislocated Sömmering ring with decompensated cornea presenting 14 years after lens aspiration and anterior vitrectomy


Sarah Mohammed Almuwarraee, Halah Bin Helayel, Mohammed Almutlak

2Anterior Segment Division, King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia,

Correspondence to Author:  Mohammed Almutlak


Background : An anterior capsule edge adhering to the posterior capsule results in a post-cataract opacity (PCO) known as a Sömmering ring. Although it has also been recorded in cases of pseudophakic eyes, it is primarily linked to aphakic cases. When dislocation happens, it takes on clinical significance. The manuscript aimed to present a case of anterior dislocation of the Sömmering ring, which occurred 14 years following a lensectomy for congenital cataract.
Case Report : We report the visit of a 20-year-old man who complained of pain, photophobia, redness, and blurred vision in his right eye at the emergency room. It was established that the patient had bilateral amblyopia and had undergone anterior vitrectomy without intraocular lens (IOL) implantation 14 years before the presentation. Examining the eyes revealed that the cornea had 2+ diffuse edema with bullae and Descemet folds, the conjunctiva had moderate diffuse injection, and the intraocular pressure was normal. The semilunar-shaped solid white material in the anterior chamber, which was compatible with the Sömmering ring, was present in the deep anterior chamber. A dilated fundus examination revealed a blurry image, and a flat retina and highly reflecting material in the vitreous cavity were shown by B-scan ultrasonography.
Conclusions : Inflammation and specific harm to the corneal endothelium can result from sömmering rings in the anterior chamber. In order to avoid corneal decompensation and endothelial cell loss, prompt surgical removal is necessary if this issue arises. One way to lower the likelihood of secondary PCO formation during initial surgery is to thoroughly clean the cortical tissue following lens removal. One option for lowering the risk of future Sömmering ring formation and associated issues in myopic eyes is to consider implanting an intraocular lens (IOL). .
Aphakia • Aphakia, Postcataract • Postoperative Complications • Corneal Edema • Primary Prevention


Mohammed Almutlak. A case report and literature review of a dislocated Sömmering ring with decompensated cornea presenting 14 years after lens aspiration and anterior vitrectomy.. Clinical Imaging and Case Reports 2023..

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