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A severe case of pathology with concomitant use of avapritinib and antidiabetic drug requiring nascent dialysis


Ahmet Erhan**, Berk Kilinc

Baskent University School of Medicine, Alanya Practice and Research Center, Antalya, Turkey

Correspondence to Author:  Ahmet Erhan


Introduction: Avapritinib (Ayvakit), a amino acid enzyme matter (TKI), has been recently approved for the treatment of adult patients with unresectable or pathologic process canal stromal neoplasm (GIST) WHO have a platelet-derived protein receptor alpha (PDGFRA) DNA eighteen mutation. New therapeutic agents for malignancy, specifically TKIs, have allowed for major advances in treatment choices. Case Report: A 56-year- previous male with past case history vital for GIST of the abdomen, WHO was recently started on a brand new trial medication ayvakit, given with nausea, vomiting, and feeling unwell. His initial laboratory work was exceptional for blood sugar level of nineteen mg/dL, creatinine of ten.41 mg/ dL, metallic element of four.3 mmol/L, ion gap of forty one mmol/L, and to dehydration, thus requiring vasopressors for a brief length. Among the patient’s home medications, it’s of significance to say Glucophage as a daily medication. He emergently underwent haemodialysis for severe pathology, with vital improvement in his clinical standing. Conclusion: pathology will occur as a aspect result of medical aid or synergistic result of multiple medications. Avapritinib usage in conjunction with medications that ar noted to own potential to cause pathology, like Glucophage, has to be cautiously administered. Understanding the potential aspect effects of latest medical aid together with the patient’s established medications will facilitate the popularity of potential causative relationships.
pathology, Avapritinib, Dehydration, Metformin


Ahmet Erhan. A severe case of pathology with concomitant use of avapritinib and antidiabetic drug requiring nascent dialysis Clinical Imaging and Case Reports 2020.

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