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Anticancer action by natural ingredient NMN and its mechanism: Focusing on the molecular mechanism of NMN on breast cancer cells


Satoshi Kawakami, Yoshitaka Fukuzawa, Hiroyuki Ichikawa, Takaharu Ide , Kensho Yorozu and Kou Sakabe .

1.Tohoku University Graduate School of Dentistry, Oral and Craniofacial Anatomy.Sendai, Japan. Email : 2. Hinokosei Clinic, Tokyo, Japan 3. Aichi Medical Preemptive and Integrative Medicine Center (AMPIMEC), Nagakute, Japan. Email : 4. University of East Asia, Faculty of Human science. Email : 5. YOROZU Clinic, Tottori, Japan. Email :

Correspondence to Author: Satoshi Kawakami


It was confirmed that NMN causes a decrease in breast cancer cells. Breast cancer is now a major problem for women because it is sensitive to estrogen. The standard treatments for breast cancer are generally surgery, anticancer drugs, and radiation therapy. In addition, as a complementary / alternative therapy, it is said that stress management, relaxation for stress re-duction, vitamins, and dietary fiber, which are said to have antioxidant effects as nutritional components, are used. However, although there is potential from an antioxidant perspective at this stage, no evidence is available at this time. Therefore, this time, this research group investi-gated the effect on breast cancer cells at the in vitro level using the component “NMN”, which is currently attracting attention. When NMN was added to breast cancer cells, a significant reduction in breast cancer cells was observed in a concentration-dependent manner. Therefore, this time, we investigated α-ketoglutaric acid, NAD +, and AMPK, which are thought to be related to the anticancer effect. It was found that NMN has the effect of activating these, suggesting that NMN may be used as a complementary / alternative therapy for breast cancer patients in the fu-ture
NMN, Functional Foods, nutritional therapy, complementary /alternative, nutrients, α-ketoglutaric acid, NAD +, AMPK


Satoshi Kawakami. Anticancer action by natural ingredient NMN and its mechanism: Focusing on the molecular mechanism of NMN on breast cancer cells. Clinical Imaging and Case Reports 2021.

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