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Cell-Cell Interaction: A Technique To ImproveThe Function Of The Neural Cells


Ashok Chakraborty

All Excel, Inc, CT,USA.

Correspondence to Author: Ashok Chakraborty


For Parkinson’s disease cell replacement therapy, dopaminergic neural cells can be employed (PD). When neural cell death in the brain causes a decrease in dopamine release, PD is the result. Therefore, it is thought that replacing neural cells in the brain from the outside may increase dopamine levels, which will help to reduce the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. According to a recent analysis by Chakraborty and Diwan, neural stem cells (NSCs) are a better option than many other cells that can be considered for the same reasons. These hNSC cells also prevent any future dopamine-related issues, including as dyskinesia and motor neuron defects in the person, thanks to their mechanisms for maintaining the controlled level of dopamine. NSCs, however, senescence occurs after very sluggish growth few passes, hence it might not be possible to collect a large number of cells for the treatment of several PD patients. Here, we’ll talk about a potential way to alter cells to improve their capacity for dopamine production, growth, and survival. Cell-Cell interactions are frequently known to change the cells and can be taken into account for the aforementioned goal.
Human Neural Stem Cells. Melanocytes. Cell-cell Interaction. Dopamine.Parkinson’s Disease


Ashok Chakraborty. Cell-Cell Interaction: A Technique To ImproveThe Function Of The Neural Cells. Clinical Imaging and Case Reports 2022.

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