Dysplasia of Streeter


Clinical Imaging and Case Reports

Dysplasia of Streeter
Arun Danewa

Department of Pediatrics University College of Medical Sciences and Guru Teg Bahadur Hospital Delhi, India

Correspondence to Author: Arun Danewa
Amniotic band syndrome, commonly known as Streeter’s dysplasia, is an uncommon disorder that presents at birth as constriction rings primarily affecting distal regions of the upper and lower limbs. We present a 21-day-old female infant who complained of having various limb abnormalities that had been present since birth. Uneventful during the prenatal period. Upon examination, it was discovered that the right upper limb had several constrictive bands and that both lower limbs had club feet. Streeter’s dysplasia was determined through a clinical diagnostic.

Arun Danewa. Dysplasia of Streeter. Clinical Imaging and Case Reports 2020.