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Enlightened multifocal encephalopathy, a double complication in a very patient with bladder cancer


Shruthi V Annaldasula

IBMC, University of Porto Rua do Campo Alegre, Portugal

Correspondence to Author: Shruthi V Annaldasula


PML has classically been represented in people with profound cellular immunological disorder like patients with AIDS, hematologic malignancies, transplant recipients or those treated with immunological disorder or immunomodulatory medications. The incidence of PML in patients while not acknowledgeable immunological disorder represents a therapeutic challenge. Tumor-induced immune suppression may be a basic downside in cancer biology. we tend to gift a case of 71-year-old man with bladder cancer. The patient was diagnosed with PML when Associate in Nursing convulsion followed by a coma. magnetic resonance imaging pictures were compatible with PML. Presence of JC virus within the bodily fluid confirmed the diagnosing. sadly the patient died shortly when the diagnosing. there’s no specific treatment for JCV. The reconstitution of the system looks the foremost effective approach.
progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy, bladder cancer, tumor induced immunosuppression


Shruthi V Annaldasula. Enlightened multifocal encephalopathy, a double complication in a very patient with bladder cancer. Clinical Imaging and Case Reports 2020.

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