Volume 3 Issue 3 Articles

The result of meditation on fatigue and physical stress in folks with multiple disease: a case report

Fatigue may be a consistent symptom in persons with disseminated multiple sclerosis (MS), and medical interventions for fatigue have restricted success. Moderate stress will result in Associate in Nursing exacerbation in individuals with MS, probably leading to accrued incapacity. Meditation has been utilized in the treatment of chronic conditions….

Productive on-pump surgery for treatment of a life-threatening cardiorespiratory medicine mass

The case of a thirty-nine years previous girl with a respiratory organ medicine mass with success treated by complete surgical procedure is reportable. In 1998 she underwent surgical procedure of the jaw for a grade II mesenchymal sarcoma. In 2009, a replacement central lesion within the left respiratory organ extending to the atrium sinistrum wall was discovered…