Volume 5 Issue 1 Articles

Animal Neurophysiology of Motor Behavior for Mechanistic Understanding of Human Sport Performance: A Future Portrait of the Athletic Brain

Sports performances typically serve as examples of adept motor control. In a similar way to how research on neurological patients has influenced early work in cognitive neuroscience, efforts to recognise the brain…

In contrast to other neuronal activities recorded from the other five brain areas, the Serotonergic Signaling and the Dorsal Raphe (DR) Neuronsin Adolescent Rats are the Most Engaged in Response to Acute and Chronic Methylphenidate

A CNS stimulant called methylphenidate (MPD) is well-known for treating behavioural disorders. Its rising popularity among “normal” people for cognitive enhancement and leisure has created a significant public health issue….

Novel Gene Therapies Technology for Spinal CordInjury (SCI) Therapy: Efficient Direct Lineage Reprogramming

What is understood and the goals: For the past few decades, the definition of spinal cord injury (SCI) has been people becoming wheelchair-bound and requiring lifelong medication…

Cell-Cell Interaction: A Technique To ImproveThe Function Of The Neural Cells

For Parkinson’s disease cell replacement therapy, dopaminergic neural cells can be employed (PD). When neural cell death in the brain causes a decrease in dopamine release, PD is the result….